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"I had to let you know how much I enjoyed our eco-tour to Newfoundland, what a beautiful part of our country, it was so well organized and our guides were super. When I travel again I will choose Battlefield Travel."
- Meta von Moeller

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Stoney Creek, ON.

About Group Travel

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People are more eager than ever to see the world but not just from the perspective of the deck of a cruise ship or a beach chair, today people want to view nature up close.

Battlefield Travel specializes in meeting this whole range of needs through our "Unique Group Tours". The program has been growing for 20 years, well over half the 32 years the agency has been in business.

During our 20 years of experience specializing in Group Travel we have identified several areas that fit the needs of this unique market. They are "Soft Eco Tours", "Longstays", "Specialty Groups" and "Cruising & River Cruises".

"Soft Eco-Touring", the sort that takes you close to nature, but is not physically too demanding, has become very popular and Battlefield Travel is committed to offering tours that give a high quality educational experience while seeing the real thing - true nature.

Longstays? We listened to our clients and realized that a lot of seniors couldn't afford six months in Florida anymore; the high cost of insurance took the fun out of it. That's why we developed our Longstays you can be away for a month, in a fully equipped apartment, without having the expense of eating out every night - and having the opportunity and fun to shop the local markets. Who wouldn't enjoy that?"

One of the fastest growing area’s of travel is "Specialty Touring". Our series of Wine tours have taken us into the wine regions of some of the most fascinating parts of the world, including South Africa, Chile and Argentina. Our garden tours have visited the Castles and gardens of Scotland, as well as the Chelsea flower show. Our tours are led by experts in their fields, making the tours come alive with history, knowledge and fun. By definition these wonderful tours have evolved to include culinary, botanic, historic as well as cultural themes.

Cruising is our latest evolution. "We have harnessed our combined experience in selling Cruises and River Cruises to offer our clients the best prices possible. It doesn't hurt that we have over 30 years of experience in negotiating group rates with our Cruise partners".

Why are our group tours so unique?
They all begin with the same premise, we focus on relaxation, special inclusions, experienced escorts and most important - value for money.

  1. Why relaxing? All our tours are at a leisurely pace with several nights in each location.
  2. What inclusions? Included are many meals that enhance the tour without taking away a sense of adventure. As well, the sightseeing is unique to each destination.
  3. Experienced Escorts? All of our escorts have been with Battlefield Travel for several years - The eco escorts are all naturalists and our resident Garden expert is Rob Howard, the Garden expert with the Hamilton Spectator.
  4. Value for Money? After years of experience our prices are unbeatable....

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